Words of magic

All day long, the night had it’s share,

He kept wondering who murmured those lines,

Those words of power, love and promise in my soul,

The same words spoken, In the garden of Eden,

When Adam saw Eve, For the first time in life.


He longed to know, If she was the one,

He longed to hear, that she was the one,

When the prayers of his heart, touched the skies high above,

Only to know at last, that she was not the one.


He wished it was a mistake, He wished she had said it wrong,

He felt he would ask again, he feared the same answer though,

The hope is still there, she would say it on her own,

That she was really the one, that murmured those words of magic.


We met in our dreams

I lie on the beach, as dawn came by,

Gazing at the skies, where twilight swept,

The softness of the breeze then, touched my skin,

I don’t know when, i slipped in snooze.

The angel of dream, then took me deep,

I felt her presence, being encompassed,

I felt the lily soft hair, that she carried with her,

Touch my laps as she, placed her head,

Our eyes met and they were, full of woe,

A thousand questions, in it’s soul.


Our shivering lips with, full of grief,

Wanted to embrace, but we let it go,

I kissed her lids as, she closed her eyes,

I stroke her hair, with gentle care,

The warmth of my hand, had her peace restored.


She placed her head on, the breadth of my chest,

I placed my lips, on her cheeks so cold,

We gave us away, in a cuddle pure,

I leaned to nuzzle, her bosom soft,

I felt her beats so fast, that rise and fall.


I apologize for all that,caused you pain,

I thought you would, be around some time,

Which could help me, free my fears,

And be one with you, for years to come,

My mind was delighted, when you bid adieu,

My soul kept weeping, as it felt the loss,

I always wanted, to be your prince,

I knew for what i waited, years so long,

But when you came, I got perplexed,

Why can’t you wait for, some more time,

I know with age, I’ll gain the courage deep,

To make my decision, to be yours,

She whispered these, in the ears of my heart.


I don’t know if I’m right, but i had to go,

To lands unseen, and islands nice,

To worlds unknown, and events virgin,

I’m not leaving, for i wanted to,

I couldn’t stand the grief, in your eyes once more,

My heart delight only when, you smile all day,

I decided to leave, as my love is pure.


Finally Let It Go

My mind was in bondage, like the pigeon caged,

I knew it’s wrong and, Not too late,

Her silence gave the chance to, think at depth,

The mind went far, where silence stayed.


Now it’s clear like, the crystal pure,

I let it go, I know to her delight,

She was near but, no courage though,

I tried to provide her, the strength required,

All in vain as, her fear was deep,

I vowed to my heart and, my soul very dear,

Never to hurt again, as strength she lost,

I let it go and, let her go,

Forever and ever and, I’m blissful now.


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Island Serene

Green and tall, they kissed the skies above,

The blend so pure, like the nature twins,

The princess round, kissed the beach spread below,

The lovely light, born every morning to die at dusk,

The golden sands, with the glory of queens,

The wide bed blue, like a dazzling crown,

Fruits hanged low, like the colour spectrum,

The butterflies smooched, the flowers that bloomed,

The ocean spread, In it’s majestic grandeur,

Her treasures held, in the depths of her soul,

The angels nimble and alert eyes, caused no harm to the beautiful land,

The Island  serene, which i dreamt so long.


I sat in it’s beauty, lonely and calm,

Wondered if the promises kept, that she had made,

I had the faith deep inside, her promises never went in vain,

Her soul so close, her body so far,

I kept waiting, to see her once,

Love of my being, care of my heart,

I held it tight, Only to give to her,

Wish i got one chance, a second i won’t ask,

To light her bliss, for ages to recall.

Sanoj Jose


In search of my soul

Those days passed by, Never to visit again,

Precious to me then and now, Not I to them ever though,

Those sunny lights, The rainy clouds,

Once that were my dear and near,

Left me lonely, In the deserts dry.

They left my life, They were not the only ones,

She left me too, Being one with them,

I gave my life, i gave my soul,

I felt it’s safe, Always safe in her hands,

Only to realize i lost my life, I lost my soul.

Like a lily among the thorns, Was she among virgins,

Her love was sweet, No nectar sweet was better ever,

She was the spring, From where love was discovered

Her eyes shined like stars, They could captivate any king on earth,

I gave her my life, i gave her my soul.

Ages passed , Many lives went by,

I’m still searching, I’m all lonely,

She comes by, She comes close,

In my distant dreams, In my deepest sleep,

She was never near, When i woke from them.

I feel weary, I feel lost,

But never to give up, never to stop my wander,

Have to retrieve my life, Regain my soul,

I know it’s safe, Always safe in her hands,

I know I’ll find, The sun and rain along,

But i keep wondering, If she’ll remember me,

Who had to part ages back, Many lives ago,

I long for the moment, yet now many lives to wait.


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Just A Poem

During a time unknown, three lives before,

A treasure fell, from the skies above,

In a distant land, In the forests deep,

She gave me love, the love of the Gods

Warm to my soul, But chills to my mind,

She stood by, till i was dead and gone.

The strength of her love, the warmth of her soul,

Strengthened my soul, To be born again,

In another land though, I don’t know it’s name,

Two souls searched long, to find again,

A royal reunion, was not just a dream,

The people blessed, the ministers blessed,

Singing praises high, to the king and queen,

She gave me love, the love of the Gods

Warm to my soul, But chills to my mind,

She stood by, till i was dead and gone.

My soul came back, in a modern land,

A distant land again, I don’t know it’s name,

Her soul too came, easy to find this time,

The plans were strong, minds quite clear,

But a confused soul, took her life away,

In a fit of rage, that couldn’t see us unite,

My life went by, lonely and wandering by,

A wait too long, before i went to the dust.

My soul came back , to a land of green,

Traditions were deep, with a long list of Gods,

Her imprints remained , deep in my soul,

I searched her soul, for a decade or more,

My soul felt her, i knew she had come,

I searched quite long, never to find her though,

I passed the seas deep, and the mountains high,

To reach somehwere, i thought i would find,

My longing end, she was there to my delight,

But she lived back, in my own land.

The souls met deep, the minds couldn’t though,

The same beautiful eyes, like the queen of stars,

The same beautiful hair, like the jasmine silk,

The same beautiful lips, like an artist drew,

The beautiful nose, the same aquiline one,

Her beautiful ears, like ingress to paradise,

When she was near, the men left their wines.

My soul knew it’s her, her soul knew it’s me,

But she stood far, who and what I’m to judge,

I knew it’s late, to be one again,

It hurt my soul, It wounded my nerves,

I think I’ll wait, yet one more life to come,

In some other land, but i wish we met,

A little early though.

Peace & Love


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