In search of my soul

Those days passed by, Never to visit again,

Precious to me then and now, Not I to them ever though,

Those sunny lights, The rainy clouds,

Once that were my dear and near,

Left me lonely, In the deserts dry.

They left my life, They were not the only ones,

She left me too, Being one with them,

I gave my life, i gave my soul,

I felt it’s safe, Always safe in her hands,

Only to realize i lost my life, I lost my soul.

Like a lily among the thorns, Was she among virgins,

Her love was sweet, No nectar sweet was better ever,

She was the spring, From where love was discovered

Her eyes shined like stars, They could captivate any king on earth,

I gave her my life, i gave her my soul.

Ages passed , Many lives went by,

I’m still searching, I’m all lonely,

She comes by, She comes close,

In my distant dreams, In my deepest sleep,

She was never near, When i woke from them.

I feel weary, I feel lost,

But never to give up, never to stop my wander,

Have to retrieve my life, Regain my soul,

I know it’s safe, Always safe in her hands,

I know I’ll find, The sun and rain along,

But i keep wondering, If she’ll remember me,

Who had to part ages back, Many lives ago,

I long for the moment, yet now many lives to wait.


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