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We met in our dreams

I lie on the beach, as dawn came by,

Gazing at the skies, where twilight swept,

The softness of the breeze then, touched my skin,

I don’t know when, i slipped in snooze.

The angel of dream, then took me deep,

I felt her presence, being encompassed,

I felt the lily soft hair, that she carried with her,

Touch my laps as she, placed her head,

Our eyes met and they were, full of woe,

A thousand questions, in it’s soul.


Our shivering lips with, full of grief,

Wanted to embrace, but we let it go,

I kissed her lids as, she closed her eyes,

I stroke her hair, with gentle care,

The warmth of my hand, had her peace restored.


She placed her head on, the breadth of my chest,

I placed my lips, on her cheeks so cold,

We gave us away, in a cuddle pure,

I leaned to nuzzle, her bosom soft,

I felt her beats so fast, that rise and fall.


I apologize for all that,caused you pain,

I thought you would, be around some time,

Which could help me, free my fears,

And be one with you, for years to come,

My mind was delighted, when you bid adieu,

My soul kept weeping, as it felt the loss,

I always wanted, to be your prince,

I knew for what i waited, years so long,

But when you came, I got perplexed,

Why can’t you wait for, some more time,

I know with age, I’ll gain the courage deep,

To make my decision, to be yours,

She whispered these, in the ears of my heart.


I don’t know if I’m right, but i had to go,

To lands unseen, and islands nice,

To worlds unknown, and events virgin,

I’m not leaving, for i wanted to,

I couldn’t stand the grief, in your eyes once more,

My heart delight only when, you smile all day,

I decided to leave, as my love is pure.