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Island Serene

Green and tall, they kissed the skies above,

The blend so pure, like the nature twins,

The princess round, kissed the beach spread below,

The lovely light, born every morning to die at dusk,

The golden sands, with the glory of queens,

The wide bed blue, like a dazzling crown,

Fruits hanged low, like the colour spectrum,

The butterflies smooched, the flowers that bloomed,

The ocean spread, In it’s majestic grandeur,

Her treasures held, in the depths of her soul,

The angels nimble and alert eyes, caused no harm to the beautiful land,

The Island  serene, which i dreamt so long.


I sat in it’s beauty, lonely and calm,

Wondered if the promises kept, that she had made,

I had the faith deep inside, her promises never went in vain,

Her soul so close, her body so far,

I kept waiting, to see her once,

Love of my being, care of my heart,

I held it tight, Only to give to her,

Wish i got one chance, a second i won’t ask,

To light her bliss, for ages to recall.

Sanoj Jose